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Country Standard

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Unity! is the CP's regular bulletin published for Trade Union Conferences, events and disputes

Britain's Road to Socialism Introduction

In this programme, the Communist Party explains its view that capitalism must be overthrown in the interests of the working class, the people and humanity as a whole.  It identifies the forces and the strategy by which the power of the capitalist monopoly corporations and their state can be replaced by state power in the hands of the working class and its allies.

The programme argues that socialism is the only alternative system of society that can meet the essential needs of the people and humanity, providing the basis for ending all forms of exploitation and oppression.  Once the threat of counter-revolution has been irrevocably defeated, nationally and internationally, the transition from the lower stage of communism to its higher stage can then be completed.

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Capitalism and exploitation

In the first half of the 21st century, after more than 200 years of capitalist domination, humanity faces a series of inter-related crises that imperil the very existence of our species and our planet.

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State-Monopoly Capitalism in Britain

State-monopoly capitalism is constructed and run to serve the interests of the ruling class.  It is essential to understand the core composition and strategy of this class if its rule is to be challenged successfully.

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The Case for Socialism

The urgency grows to lift people out of hunger, poverty, sickness and ignorance.  Our planet's eco-system must be rescued before it deteriorates beyond the point of no return.  Even under wasteful and destructive capitalism, the productive forces exist that could, if planned and utilised to meet human need instead of maximising capitalist profit, ensure sufficient food, nutrition, health care and education for all.

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The Labour & Progressive Movements

Which forces in society can be mobilised to resist the policies of state-monopoly capitalism? Which can be won for far-reaching change and socialism?

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Towards Socialism & Communism

The election of a left government committed to the alternative economic and political strategy (AEPS) and its left-wing programme (LWP) will mark the transition of the revolutionary process to a second stage.

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