Classics No. 3: Lenin on Marx

On Marx & Marxismby V I Lenin, published by the Political Committee of the Communist Party

From the Classics of Communism series. This collection of two classic essays from Lenin, Karl Marx: A Brief Biographical Sketch with an Exposition of Marxism; The Three Sources and Three Component parts of Marxism; provides some detailed insight into how Marxism developed during Marx's lifetime and provides an analysis of the essential components of Marxist theory

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Worker's of all Lands

Worker's of All Lands Issues of immigration, asylum and migrant labour have deliberately been kept at the centre of political debate by reactionary elements in the media, the main political parties and the state and by the fascist British National Party. This continual barrage has led to a widespread perception in our society – including in some sections of the working class – that Britain is being 'swamped’ by other ethnic groups and nationalities, that immigrants and migrant workers are ‘bogus’ asylum seekers who receive privileged access to our public and welfare services, and that the so-called ‘white British’ are victims of a foreign invasion.

Such one-sided and xenophobic attitudes help conceal the role playing by the capitalist state and by capital itself in creating the economic and social problems afflicting working people and their families everywhere. The acceptance of reactionary, anti-immigrant sentiments by sections of the working class in Britain is one of the biggest obstacles to the development of basic working class and political consciousness. As the Marxist party of the labour movement, therefore, the Communist Party has a particular responsibility to develop and present an analysis of these issues – one which serves the interests of the working class rather than those of monopoly capital, the right and the fascists.

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Hammer & Dove Enamel Badge

£2 each + p&pHammer & Dove

This enamel cast badge of the iconic hammer and dove logo - which represents the centrality and connection between the struggles for peace and socialism - was designed by Michael Boncza in the 1980s. 

Classics No. 2 - Communist Manifesto

Classics of Comm 48ecacc851959Foreword by Martin Levy. Continuing the Classics of Communism series, Martin Levy provides an introduction and context for this reprint of the classic Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and & Frederick Engels.

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Classics No. 1: Wages, Price & Profit

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The Communist Party has republished Wages Price & Profit by Karl Marx – one of the most powerful and perceptive statements ever made in support of the fight for higher wages. Marx showed why that fight needs to be transformed into an even more fundamental one against the wages system itself.

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