Our History: Volume 1

ourhistoryGet the first 12 editions of the Our History pamphlet series for just £14.

Featuring pamphlets on:  

  • the Kinder Scout Trespass
  • Handsworth WW2 tank factory
  • 1688: A Glorious Revolution
  • the 'feminine' strike of 1911
  • The Cradley Heath Chain Makers
  • Tolpuddle Martyrs
  • Pentonville 5
  • S.O. Davies
  • The 71-72 UCS work-in
  • Alice Wheeldon affair of 1917
  • Communists in the Channel Islands under Nazi occupation
  • 1968 Dagenham Ford Machinists Strike


Education for the People

education for the peopleThis new pamphlet written by the education commission of the CP outlines the cause and solution to the crisis in Britain's education system.

Pamphlet Size

Communist Review No. 68 Summer 2013


Subscribe to the CP's theoretical & discussion journal to save money and ensure you never miss another issue. Order your copy of the Summer 2013 issue featuring articles on:The Egyptian Revolution (Jimmy Jancovich); Mau Mau Part 2 (Shiraz Durrani); Egyptian workers struggle (CP Egypt); The case for a ceasefire and negotiatians in Syria (CP USA); Capitalist crisis and the tasks for Communists (Eugene McCartan); (Dis)Integration of Care (Gordon MacLeod); Economic and Socio-Political Situation in Greece (CP Greece); Marx, Engels and Lenin on the British Workers Movement (Ralph Fox)

Discussion: More on Dickens by David Grove; Stalin and Khrushchev - Riding Two Horses with One Ass by Kumar Sarkar, Contradictions in Developing Socialism by Joe Clark Plus Soul Food - CR's regular literary section, compiled and edited by Arts editor Mike Quille

CP Campaigning Pack

Fulfill all your campaigning needs for just £15 + p&pLit Stall

This campaigning pack features a wide selection of the latest materials published by the CP. Ideal for running stalls or street campaigning. It includes:

  • 250 of the latest 1/2 A4 (105x297mm) leaflets
  • 25 A7 (74x105mm) colour stickers
  • 20 A3 (297x420mm) colour poster 8 button (37mm) badges
  • 6 of the latest A5 CP Pamphlets
  • 1 CP Hammer & Sickle Flag (140x100cm)