People's Charter Flag

£7.50 each + p&pPeople's Charter Flag

140cm x 100cm in Red, White and Green with the inscription People's Charter


Hammer & Sickle Enamel Badge

Eric Gill Hammer & Sickle£2 each + p&p

This enamel cast badge of the original Hammer & Sickle designed by famed artist Eric Gill in the 1930s for the Daily Worker, is still used by the CP today as one of it's official logo's.


Hammer & Dove Enamel Badge

£2 each + p&pHammer & Dove

This enamel cast badge of the iconic hammer and dove logo - which represents the centrality and connection between the struggles for peace and socialism - was designed by Michael Boncza in the 1980s. 

CR85 - Autumn 17

cr85ISSN 1474-9246. £3.00 (+p&p).

COVER STORY - 1917: The Socialist Revolution by Andrew Rothstein; All Power to the Soviets! by Alexandra Kollontai; The Greatness and Fall of the USSR by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Images of a Revolution by Nick Wright; The Wars of Intervention by Dennis Ogden; Paris Commune and October Revolution by Liz Payne; Leninism in the Struggle to Take Power by Steve Johnson; October and the British Empire by C Desmond greaves; Notes written on the 90th Anniversary by Hans Heinz Holz; Soul Food by Mike Quille

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