Communist Review No. 65 Autumn '12


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in this issue: Charles Dickens: The Masses, Race and Empire Ken Fuller ‘Stalin’s Purges’ of 1936-38 Part 3 Yuri Emelianov Economics and the State Joe Clark Discussion pieces on 'Stalin's Purges' from Roger Fletcher and John Ellison Reviews: Marx’s Practical Materialism; China - Globalisation Vs Socialism; London Recruits Soul Food - CR’s literary section

The EU and Alternatives to Austerity

By John Foster, ISBN 9781908315090

This pamphlet provides a detailed analysis of the role of the European Union in pushing through an agenda which has wrought economic ruin across Europe. It details the role of the EU in pursuing austerity policies, an assesment of what impact Francois Hollande's election will have and the nature of the British labour movement's response.

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Arise in Unity

The international crisis and alternatives from the left

Arise in unity brings together chapters from Communists across the globe that provide an alternative perspective on the international capitalist crisis.

This book brings together contributors from Communists and the left in Britain, India, South Africa, France, Russia, Cuba, China, Brazil, USA, Germany and a host of other countries to provide a comprehensive overview of the crisis, resistance to it, and the alternative that needs to be fought for and won.

Contributors include: Fidel Castro, Sitaram Yechury, Robert Griffiths, Jose Reinaldo Cavalho, Ma Jingpeng, Chris Mathlako, John Foster, Wang Dong, Paul Boccara, Sergio Ribeiro, Gyula Thurmer, George Pontikos, Osvaldo Silva

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Which road for China?

ISBN 978-1-908315-08-3, 40 pages illustrated. Between August 7 and 19, a delegation of representatives from eight western European communist parties - including the CP Britain, visited China. The invitation came from the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), then celebrating the 90th anniversary of its foundation.

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