Let's stay in...


A humourous swipe at those who believe the European Union can be changed from within! Wear your own "Let's stay in... & change it from inside" t-shirt and graphically display why such a claim is doomed to failure.

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CR 92 - Summer 2019

CR 2019 Summer.Front Cover

Learning to plan: Revisiting the Soviet Experiment by CP Chandrasekhar; Pasokification: Social Democracy in Crisis by Pierre Marshall; Economics and Suicide by C Ritchie; HM Athens: Greeks bearing gifts by Michael Roberts; Reviews by Martin Levy, Tony Briscoe; Soul Food by Mike Quille



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Countdown to Brexit?

Countdown to Brexit

Articles by Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party from various sources including the Morning Star and, dating back to June 2017 to May 2019. Featured articles include "Britain's future doesn't have to be governered by EU rules and diktats", "We need a People's Brexit, not a bogus Brexit" and "Neither Farage nor Brussels", plus many more.

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On guard against fascism

Fascism CPB 2019

The Communist Party is committed to exposing fascist ideology wherever it might arise. This pamphlet has been written with the aim of helping to develop that knowledge and awareness of how and why fascism can
emerge – and how it can be challenged and defeated.

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