CR72: Summer 2014

CR72 Summer14

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (p&p)

COVER STORY - 100 years since the oubreak of WW1 - Declaration by Communist & Workers' Parties; a period of unrelenting wars by Joanne Stevenson; US war plans in the Pacific by Ben Chacko; From the end of wars to the abolition of exploitation by Eleni Geropanagioti; Iraqi people's struggle against war, for peace and democracy by Salam Ali; Iran's Theocracy, the 'New Middle East Peace Plan' and prospects for peace in the region by Navid Shomali; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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OH13: World War 1

Our History 13: WW1

ISBN 978-1-908315-25-0 £1.50 (+ p&p)

John Ellison outlines the causes, consequences and the struggles against the unprecedented level of human slaughter in the trenches of the First World War. It serves as a welcome antidote to the triumphalism or consternation expressed by commemorative events thus far. 

Communist Review No. 71 Spring 2014

CR71 spring14 web sized

COVER STORY - Tomorrow may not be the same by Mike Quille; and Building Jerusalem: Visions of housing in a Communist Society Q&A with Chris Guiton; The Struggle for Radical Transformation - Key Challenge of Our Time by Aluta Msebenzi; Britain's Overseas Territories - where British and US imperialisms meet; The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche, Part 2 by Kenny Coyle
Book Reviews: Notoriously Militant - The Story of a Union Branch by Sheila Cohen review by Graham Stevenson; Lenin Revisited by Zhang Yibing review by Martin Levy.
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Communist Review No. 70 Winter 2013/14


COVER STORY - General Strikes: a history and a future by Graham Stevenson Building the fight against austerity a round table discussion of communists and trade unionists The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche Part 1 by Kenny Coyle Their swords shall not rust: the Plebs League and the Labour College Movement in the North East by Robert Turnbull Genocide - or peace and socialism? by Lars Ulrik Thomsen Reviews: Unity is Strength - a history of the NUR; Norman Bethune in Spain Plus Soul Food - CR's regular literary section, compiled and edited by Arts editor Mike Quille Never miss an issue again, subscribe to CR today!