Communist Review No. 71 Spring 2014

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COVER STORY - Tomorrow may not be the same by Mike Quille; and Building Jerusalem: Visions of housing in a Communist Society Q&A with Chris Guiton; The Struggle for Radical Transformation - Key Challenge of Our Time by Aluta Msebenzi; Britain's Overseas Territories - where British and US imperialisms meet; The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche, Part 2 by Kenny Coyle
Book Reviews: Notoriously Militant - The Story of a Union Branch by Sheila Cohen review by Graham Stevenson; Lenin Revisited by Zhang Yibing review by Martin Levy.
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Communist Review No. 70 Winter 2013/14


COVER STORY - General Strikes: a history and a future by Graham Stevenson Building the fight against austerity a round table discussion of communists and trade unionists The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche Part 1 by Kenny Coyle Their swords shall not rust: the Plebs League and the Labour College Movement in the North East by Robert Turnbull Genocide - or peace and socialism? by Lars Ulrik Thomsen Reviews: Unity is Strength - a history of the NUR; Norman Bethune in Spain Plus Soul Food - CR's regular literary section, compiled and edited by Arts editor Mike Quille Never miss an issue again, subscribe to CR today!

UKIP and the EU

UKiPThe United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) grew out of the all-party Anti-Federalist League in 1993. Its founding leader, academic Alan Sked, resigned from UKIP after the 1997 General Election because, he claimed, others in the leadership were 'racist and have been infected by the far right'.

Here, Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, provides a critical analysis of UKIPs role, policies and rising popularity.

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