CR72: Summer 2014

CR72 Summer14

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (p&p)

COVER STORY - 100 years since the oubreak of WW1 - Declaration by Communist & Workers' Parties; a period of unrelenting wars by Joanne Stevenson; US war plans in the Pacific by Ben Chacko; From the end of wars to the abolition of exploitation by Eleni Geropanagioti; Iraqi people's struggle against war, for peace and democracy by Salam Ali; Iran's Theocracy, the 'New Middle East Peace Plan' and prospects for peace in the region by Navid Shomali; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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OH13: World War 1

Our History 13: WW1

ISBN 978-1-908315-25-0 £1.50 (+ p&p)

John Ellison outlines the causes, consequences and the struggles against the unprecedented level of human slaughter in the trenches of the First World War. It serves as a welcome antidote to the triumphalism or consternation expressed by commemorative events thus far. 

Challenge July 14

Challenge June 14 - PA special web

Get your copy of this special issue of Challenge (June 2014; Volume 21; Issue 35), quarterly magazine of the Young Communist League. Featuring reports on the EU Elections and demonstrations against the rising tide of fascism in Ukraine. Articles include: Impact of Imperialism in Iraq; Labour - is the Party over?; YCL Summer Camp; People's Assembly - why we're marching; Back 2 Basics; Indian Elections - the Two Indias; Brazil 2014 World Cup; Socialimsm Utopian & Scientific; Book @ Bedtime - Jack London's The Iron Heel; Poetry Corner: Music Reviews; and all the latest news and views from Britain's Young Communists.



Challenge May 2014

Challenge May 2014 cover

Get your copy of the latest issue (May 2014; Volume 21; Issue 34) of the Young Communist League's Magazine. Featuring articles on the forthcoming EU elections; the continuing fight for the liberation of Women; the latest on the developing situation in Ukraine; countdown to the Scottish Independence referendum; Worker's Memorial Day; TUC Young Members Conference report; and all the latest news, views and reviews from Britain's Young Communists.


Communist Review No. 71 Spring 2014

CR71 spring14 web sized

COVER STORY - Tomorrow may not be the same by Mike Quille; and Building Jerusalem: Visions of housing in a Communist Society Q&A with Chris Guiton; The Struggle for Radical Transformation - Key Challenge of Our Time by Aluta Msebenzi; Britain's Overseas Territories - where British and US imperialisms meet; The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche, Part 2 by Kenny Coyle
Book Reviews: Notoriously Militant - The Story of a Union Branch by Sheila Cohen review by Graham Stevenson; Lenin Revisited by Zhang Yibing review by Martin Levy.
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Communist Review No. 70 Winter 2013/14


COVER STORY - General Strikes: a history and a future by Graham Stevenson Building the fight against austerity a round table discussion of communists and trade unionists The Korean Ideology: Marxism and Juche Part 1 by Kenny Coyle Their swords shall not rust: the Plebs League and the Labour College Movement in the North East by Robert Turnbull Genocide - or peace and socialism? by Lars Ulrik Thomsen Reviews: Unity is Strength - a history of the NUR; Norman Bethune in Spain Plus Soul Food - CR's regular literary section, compiled and edited by Arts editor Mike Quille Never miss an issue again, subscribe to CR today!

UKIP and the EU

UKiPThe United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) grew out of the all-party Anti-Federalist League in 1993. Its founding leader, academic Alan Sked, resigned from UKIP after the 1997 General Election because, he claimed, others in the leadership were 'racist and have been infected by the far right'.

Here, Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain, provides a critical analysis of UKIPs role, policies and rising popularity.

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The Case for EU Withdrawal

EU withdrawalThis pamphlet argues that the answer to austerity for the people of Euope is to witdrawal from the EU. It argues that:

  • The social gains won since the Second World War are being wiped out across Europe
  • The cause is the EU
  • Across Europe social democratic parties are losing their electoral base to the right and the extreme right
  • The cause is their failure to address the pro-big business politics of the EU
  • New democratic and cooperative economic relationships can be created between countries in Europe and across the world based on growth, public ownership and workers' rights - but not within the structures of the EUEU withdrawal is the answer to austerity, racism and xenophobia 
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