China's new era and what it means

Chinas new era and what it means coverThe aim of this pamphlet is to strip away the layers of myth and misunderstanding that surround discussions on China and its growing role in the world economy.

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CR85 - Autumn 17

cr85ISSN 1474-9246. £3.00 (+p&p).

COVER STORY - 1917: The Socialist Revolution by Andrew Rothstein; All Power to the Soviets! by Alexandra Kollontai; The Greatness and Fall of the USSR by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Images of a Revolution by Nick Wright; The Wars of Intervention by Dennis Ogden; Paris Commune and October Revolution by Liz Payne; Leninism in the Struggle to Take Power by Steve Johnson; October and the British Empire by C Desmond greaves; Notes written on the 90th Anniversary by Hans Heinz Holz; Soul Food by Mike Quille

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