Britain and the EU

This pamphlet ends with a warning. The EU’s imposition of neo-liberal policies on all governments, including those led by the traditional parties of the Left, has resulted in the collapse of support for social democracy. In the coming referendum voters will be asked to support an even more neo-liberal and probusiness EU. Politically, such an outcome would pose an additional danger that Cameron would use it to argue that the electorate has voted in support of the EU’s so-called free market policies and therefore against Labour’s programme for public ownership and enhanced public spending.


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CR77 - Autumn 15

Communist Review 77: Autumn 2015ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (+p&p).

COVER STORY - 50 Years On: Tributes to Willie Gallacher by Wal Hannington, Abe Moffat and Hugh MacDiarmid; Re-launch of the British Peace Assembly; No submission to Capitalism - Constant Fight for Socialism & Communism by Stavros Tassos; "Revisionists are always Kantians by Hans Heinz Holz; Keir Hardie by T E Nicholas; Discussion: How to Define our Epoch? by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Discussion: On Oppression and Freedom in the Old Testament by Jimmy Jancovich.

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Kill the Bill!

Kill the billISBN 978-1-908315-35-9

This pamphlet is a timely reminder of our belief and experience that action and solidarity do have the power to defeat anti-trade union legislation and defend our freedoms and democracy.

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CR76: Summer 2015

Communist Review: Issue 76, Summer 2015

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (+p&p). Available for pre-order 01/07/2015, published on 15/07/15

COVER STORY - The 'New' Imperialism by Zoltan Zigedy; Latin America, Revolutionary Developments and Challenged by Albano Nunes; Oppression and Freedom in the Old Testament, Part 2 by Thomas Wagner; The Class Struggle versus the Caste System in India and Britain by Dyal Bagri. Plus Book Reviews: Losurdo on Stalin, review by Roland Boer; A Valuable Book on Economics, review by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Enveloping the Core of Marx’s Work in a Degree of Mist, review by John Ellison; Plugging an Important Gap for Studies of Gramsci, review by Martin Levy

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53rd Congress Report

53rd congress report webOrder this pamphlet which contains all the decisions and policies agreed at the CP's 53rd biennial delegate congress held on the 15th and 16th November 2014 at Friends Meeting House and Ruskin House in the London Borough of Croydon. This Congress agreed two main strategic resolutions as well as an emergency resolution on the national question and constitutional reform, which are reproduced in their entirety here. Additionally the Congress agreed a number of stand-alone resolutions which have been reproduced in this pamphlet alongside complementary sections of the strategic resolutions to give the reader a more comprehensive view of the CP’s political and organisational priorities for the next two years and beyond.

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CR74: Winter 2015

CR74 Winter 14 15

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (+p&p)

COVER STORY - Prabhat Patnaik analyses Thomas Piketty's theories contained in Capital in the 21st Century; Fernano Arribas Garcia examines the struggle of Venezuelan Communists; Hans Heinz Holz looks at Lenin's critique of Hegel's science of logic; CP's Emergency Resolution on the National Question & Constitutional Reform; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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From each according to their means

taxation pamphlet The economics commission of the CP has produced this hard hitting discussion pmaphlet on the esssential tax reforms which should be featured in a left progressive programme, including: radical proposals to tackle tax evasion; restoring fair rates of corporation tax; introducing an innovative alternative to existing property and council taxes with one based on the actual value of land; and the introduction of an annual wealth tax aimed at the super-rich. It's a critical and comprehensive contribution to an often neglected incredibly topical issue, a must buy for any labour movement activist.

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CR73: Autumn 2014

CR73 Autumn14 websized

ISSN 1474-9246. £2.50 (p&p)

COVER STORY - Mike Quille talks to Graham Stevenson about alienation; Shiraz Durrani examines the legacy of Kenyan trade unionist and revolutionary Makhan Singh; Marxism and the War by Rajani Palme Dutt; SG Hutchins on The First International; selections from Paul Dobson's Venezuela Diary; On the Racial Theories of Thor Heyerdahl by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; Plus book reviews; debate; cartoon; CRs literary section soul food and much more.
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New Scramble for Africa

Africa scramble

ISBN 978-1-908315-07-6. International Commission of the CP. £2/£3 plus p&p

This pamphlet outlines and anlyses the accelerating scramble by major imperialist countries for control of natural resources and markets across the African continent. Much broader and more contemporary in scope than the previous pamphlet published by the CP in 2009 which dealt with the legacy and current role of British imperialism on the continent, it looks in detail at EU, US, French and British investment; the role of AfriCom and US & NATO's military objectives; the role of China; and contemporary political developments and movements of resistance in Southern and Central Africa.   

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