Latin America Imperialism and resistance

Latin America Part 1The fifteen years after 1998 saw left-wing governments being elected across Latin America. Cuba's isolation was ended. Brazil joined with China, Russia and South Africa to challenge neo-liberal dominance in the WTO. Venezuela set up Bolivarian structures for economic cooperation across the subcontinent. The daily lives of working people were transformed.

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We want real jobs

We want real jobs coverThis pamphlet is an output from the Communist Party trade union school in May 2018 and aims to play a part in the necessary shift in class forces to bring about progress for the vast majority, who work for a living or are available to do so, in a socialist Britain.

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CR 88 - Summer 2018


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Precarious Work and Contemporary Capitalism by Jonathan White; Class Relations Today by Heinz Bierbaum; Class and Class Analysis by Lars Ulrik Thomsen; 'There Is No Society, Only Individuals' by Domenico Losurdo; The Gig Economy by Carl Harper; Soul Food by Mike Quille


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Take Britain out of NATO

NATO A3 poster

First of a range of posters that will be released over the next 6 months. They will each have a limited print run of just 125. Printed on A2 size high-quality, thick, satin photo paper.

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