Countdown to Brexit?

Countdown to BrexitArticles by Robert Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party from various sources including the Morning Star and, dating back to June 2017 to May 2019. Featured articles include "Britain's future doesn't have to be governered by EU rules and diktats", "We need a People's Brexit, not a bogus Brexit" and "Neither Farage nor Brussels", plus many more.

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CR 91 - Spring 2019

CR 2019 Spring COVER

Brexit - Deal or No Deal by Robert Wilkinson; From the Archives Fifty Years of the World Revolution by R Palme Dutt; Kenya Resists: Artisits Challenge the Hawk in the Sky by Shiraz Durrani; Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht by Jenny Farrell, Marian Baur Culture Matters to the Many, Not the Few by Mike Quille; Review & Previews by Martin Levy, Kenny Coyle, John Rathbone Taylor; Soul Food by Mike Quille

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On guard against fascism

Fascism CPB 2019The Communist Party is committed to exposing fascist ideology wherever it might arise. This pamphlet has been written with the aim of helping to develop that knowledge and awareness of how and why fascism can
emerge – and how it can be challenged and defeated.

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Unite against racism! Smash fascism! leaflet

ARAF 2019


This leaflet has been designed for mass distribution. It's an A4 folded leaflet, outlining the increase in far-right extremism, the effects of Brexit and the EU, how 40 years of austerity have created the conditions for fascist ideas to fester and how we need to kick out the Tories, making the case for socialism and another world possible.

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