The coup regime in the Ukraine, given succour and egged on by EU warongers, today reached the point of no return with its illegal banning of communist parliamentarians. This Thursday a kangaroo court has been established to outlaw the party and its 2.5 million voting supporters.

The following is a statement from the CP leadership to those in Britain who have shown solidarity.

"Dear comrades

Let us sincerely thank you for all of your assistance to the Communist party of Ukraine and for our state in difficult times.
Many times we informed you about facts of lawless and limitless acts of the current Ukrainian Government addressed to all opposition forces including the Communist party of Ukraine.
Today the Ukrainian Government without any legal basis took a decision about liquidation the deputy faction of communist MPs in Parliament of Ukraine.
Kindly pay attention about the failure to use any legislation base to take such decision.

It  contradicts not only  Ukrainian law, but also the base principles of parliamentarism, freedom and democracy.
We would like to remind you that the last time such a  decision was promoted was in the 1930s in Nazi Germany.

A ban on the existence of faction of communist MPs, which was elected by more than 2 million Ukrainian voters ones more proves that for current Ukrainian Government the principles of democracy , political pluralism, opposition's rights, and also the base principles of EU - freedom, justice and equality -are alien.

Dear friends,

We have already informed you about the beginning of a lawsuit to ban the Communist party of Ukraine. The first session of court is going to be on 24 of July, 2014.
We ask you to reply to call of the tens of thousand of Ukrainian communists to defend a right of existence, as one which has a real influence in Ukrainian society yet suffers at the hands of the lawless  pro-fascist and ultra-right Ukrainian Government.
We call on you to assist with the maximum possible solidarity in these difficult times for Ukraine and for Communist party of Ukraine.
We would appreciate real assistance from you in a form of protests, actions, and legal assistance.
We take this  opportunity to express our appreciation for your actions to protect rights of communists in Ukraine.