As the situation in Iran simmers and greater repression is threatened by the hated theocratic regime, CPs and workers' parties, restate their support for the people and their struggle. Prominent amongst the signatories are CPs actively engaged in a sharp struggle throughout the Middle East.

We, the representatives of the undersigned parties, who have always supported the struggle of the Iranian working people and their progressive forces, note the ongoing popular struggle for peace, democracy, human rights and social justice in Iran.  The theocratic regime in Iran has deployed the security and military forces to deal with the peaceful protesters calling for legitimate reforms and respect for genuine and basic rights by the working people including trade union rights. Hundreds of opposition activists including the well known leaders of the protest movement have been arrested.  Amongst those in detention and undergoing inhumane treatment are trade unionists, respected lawyers, journalists and youth and women activists.  
We are calling for the immediate release of political prisoners in Iran.
We emphasise our long standing position of solidarity with the progressive forces in Iran in their complex struggle for peace, democracy and social justice.  We believe that there is an inherent link between the struggle for democratic rights and freedoms of the working people and the potential of the popular campaign to develop an effective peace movement to resist the threats of external interventions in Iran.
We express our total opposition to any external interference in Iran by Imperialist and reactionary forces and call for the Iranian people be allowed to find solutions for the internal problems faced by the country on the basis of preserving the sovereignty and independence of Iran and without any external interference. We would like to emphasise and underline that the future direction of political developments in Iran should only be decided by the Iranian people themselves. 
Tudeh Party of Iran
AKEL (Cyprus)
Communist Party of Turkey
Communist Party of Iraq
Communist Party of Lebanon
Communist Party of Jordan
People’s Party of Palestine
Communist Party of Israel
Communist Party of Egypt
Communist Party of Sudan
Ettajdid Movement, Tunisia
Party of Italian Communists
Communist Party of Russian Federation
Hungarian Communist Workers’ Party 
Communist Party of Malta
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of Portugal
Communist Party of France
Communist Party in Denmark
Party of Progress and Socialism, Morroco
World Federation of Democratic Youth
De Linke (Germany)_
Socialist Left Party (Norway)
Red- Green Aliance (Denmark)
Synaspismos (Greece)
Democratic Left (Greece)
World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)