It was standing room only - again - at the Marx Library at this weeks meeting to discuss the campaign in Spain to uncover the crimes of Francoism and bring restitution to the victims and their families. 

There have been dramatic events recently as the forces of reaction gathered to sack the Prosecuting Judge Garzon, commissioned with uncovering some 114,000 disappeared buried in over a thousand hidden graves and the intervention of the Argentine government to demand that Spain upholds international law and gives account to what happened to its citizens during Franco's war against his own people. 

The meeting saw the launch of the superb exhibition 'Antifascistas' which has been prepared to accompany a book by the same title. 
Speakers included a veteran International Brigader Sam Lesser, Marlene Sideaway secretary of the International Brigades Memorial Trust and they were hosted by MML Director John Callow. Xavier Moreno Diaz, Secretary of the National Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory and Xavier Ruiz, author, archivist and a key figure in the campaign to bring justice were keynote speakers.