GREECE: Mass protests extends across major cities

"We can stop them! We do not owe anything-We will not pay your head tax! " Many tens of thousands took part in demonstrations against the Greek government and EU imposed programme of austerity. They were particularly angry at the imposition of new levels of tax levied on workers and the self employed and mailed to their homes en mass. 

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ISRAEL: 500,000 on the march

Nearly 500,000 marchers took to the streets across Israel on Saturday night in protest at the country’s housing crisis and the high cost of living reports Ben Chacko in the Morning Star.

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POLAND: Reactionary ban overturned

In a blow to the reactionary forces and governments grouped around the Prague Declaration, the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland has resolved to halt the ban imposed on progressives from displaying revolutionary symbols and imagery.


At one time it was even mooted that the government would try to ban people from wearing Che Guevara t shirts!

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