GREEK STEELWORKERS BACK AT WORK: Principles prevail, tactics evolve

On Tuesday, Greek steelworkers entered the main gate of their plant to return to work following a 9-month strike (272 days). They conducted a rally, lifted their fists and held carnations in their hands. They implement the decision of their 20th General Assembly, which took place on Saturday. The assembly stated that they will resume work and continue their struggle using other forms.

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GREECE: Heroic steelworkers battle to sustain strike

FROM THE CP of GREECE: "The brutal operation of the government which attempted to repress the struggle of the steelworkers met the response of the class oriented labour movement though the mass demonstrations of solidarity with the strike of the workers in Greek Steelworks which were organized by the union centre, PAME.

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Sudanese Communists speak

When representatives of the Sudanese Communist Party addressed a seminar last weekend for communist parties domiciled in Britain, they were unaware of the dramatic events unfolding in their home country reports CP general secretary Robert Griffiths.

Representatives at the seminar will be speaking at 21st Century Festival on 21-22nd July.

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