The Coordinating Committee of Communist Parties (CCCP) in Britain strongly condemns the vicious bombing that targeted the textile workers in Hilla, Iraq, as they were leaving the factory at the end of their shift on 10th May 2010. This cowardly attack resulted in 40 workers killed and tens more injured.

This barbaric crime, carried out by reactionary forces, must be condemned by all progressive people.

The Coordinating Committee of Communist Parties in Britain expresses its solidarity with the Iraqi workers and people, and with their struggle for a free, dignified and secure life in a democratic, secular, fully sovereign, free from foreign occupation and prosperous Iraq.

The CCCP in Britain demands that the Iraqi government takes effective measures to protect workers in their workplaces against such attacks. We believe that the families of victims and also injured workers should receive immediate compensation. 

Signatories includes CP Britain, CP Bangladesh, CP Chile, AKEL (Cyprus), CP India (Marxist), Tudeh Party of Iran, CP Iraq and CP Sudan