United States aggression is creating very dangerous situations in Syria, the surrounding region and on the Korean peninsula, the Communist Party of Britain has warned.

Steve Johnson told the party's Political Committee on Wednesday evening (April 12) that US military intervention was not motivated by concern for civilian lives, but by its strategy to remove governments not compliant with US geopolitical and business interests.

That same strategy had already wrecked Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and would do the same in Venezuela if necessary, Mr Johnson declared.

'The danger of nuclear conflagration in Korea cannot be ruled out if the US ignores China's plan to reduce tension in the region, refuses to withdraw US warships and continues to engage in a belligerent war of words and threats with the Pyongyang regime', the CP's London District secretary insisted.

Britain's communists highlighted the need to focus opposition on the role played by Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in backing US and NATO aggression.

'Britain has helped created bloody chaos in the Middle East at the cost of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, yet May and Johnson rush to demand sanctions against the Russian and Syrian governments', Steve Johnson remarked.

'The regime in Saudi Arabia massacres large numbers of civilians in Yemen and sentences its own dissidents to death, while Britain's Prime Minister pays the Saudi dictators a friendly visit and turns a blind eye to their savage war crimes and human rights violations', he added.

The Communist Party urged full support for protests called by the Stop the War Coalition and CND against US and British government war-mongering. It reiterated its view that Britain should withdraw from NATO.

International Secretary John Foster expressed the party's solidarity with the Iraqi Communist Party, following an armed attack by sectarian forces on its headquarters in the southern city of Diwaniyah.

The CP political committee also discussed how to contribute to strengthening the mass movement against war, racism and austerity. It looked forward to the People's Assembly conference on May 13 as an important step in developing a 'people's alternative strategy' that would challenge Tory big business rule and create the conditions in which a left-led government could be elected.