Read on for the Joint Statement signed by 35 communist and workers parties from all over the world on the NATO Summit held in Chicago on the 20-21 May 2012.

In an international situation marked by the Deepening crisis of capitalism and by the violent imperialist offensive against the rights and achievements of the workers and peoples, the NATO summit will take place on the 20th and 21st of May, in Chicago, USA.
In the context of an ever-deeper crisis of capitalism, imperialism embarks on a militaristic and interventionist escalation.
Having Renewed NATO's Strategic Concept in 2010 - a new and dangerous qualitative step in excellant interventionist Ambitions, of Which the aggression against Libya was an example - the USA and NATO, Which Has the U.S. the excellant European pillar, seek to expand Their Sphere of Influence , an arms race and promote it ever Greater military spending and invest in new weapons and in Their worldwide network of military bases.
Imperialism militarizes international relations, with proceeds occupations, aggressions and Promotes threatens new conspiracies and manoeuvers of Interference In Countries of Every continent and through the permanent militaristic escalation, violates the existing agreements for international disarmament. The Principles of the UN Charter are seriously jeopardized and there is a growing instrumentalization of the UN, with a view to the Providing cover for imperialist violence. The process of destruction of theInternational Law That Emerged from the defeat of Nazi-fascism in World War II, Paves the way for the imperialist goal of controlling resources and of dominating the planet on a military and geo-Strategic level.
The imperialism's main instrument in excellant quest for world domination, NATO is an enormous threat to world peace and security.
But the the facts are Demonstrating, imperialism's force-based response to the crisis of capitalism is coming face to face with the progressive and revolutionary Struggle of the peoples, who in Various parts of the world are taking into Their Own Hands the defense of Their rights and the sovereignty and independence of Their Countries and are resisting in the most diversified ways, imposing setbacks to the strategy of imperialist domination.
Their commitment to reaffirming the Struggle for peace, for the right of people to determine Every Freely excellant destiny, for social progress and socialism, the Communist and Workers' Parties signing this declaration:
Demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Afghanistan, as well as from All Other imperialist interventions in the world; 
- Reject the escalation of war in the Middle East, Iran and Syria against Namely; 
- Demand the dissolution of NATO and support the sovereign right of peoples to Their Countries decides to disassociate from this aggressive alliance; 
Reject the deployment of the U.S. and NATO's new antimissile system in Europe and demand an end to foreign military bases; 
Demand an end to the arms race and nuclear disarmament starting with the world's major nuclear powers - such as the USA - and the complete destruction of all chemical and biological weapons; 
Express Their solidarity with the peoples That resist imperialist occupation, aggression and Interference, Namely in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa
21st May 2012
List of Signatories Parties
Communist Party of Argentina 
Communnist Party of Azerbeijan 
Communist Party of Australia 
Communist Party of Belarus 
Workers Party of Belgium 
Communist Party of Brazil 
Communist Party of Britain 
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia 
Communist Party of Finland 
French Communist Party 
Unified Communist Party of Georgia 
Communist Party of Greece 
Communist Party of India 
Communist Party of India (Marxist) 
Tudeh Party of Iran 
Communist Party of Ireland 
Workers Party of Ireland 
Party of the Italian communists 
Lebanese Communist Party 
Communist Party of Luxemburg 
Communist Party of Malta 
Communist Party of Mexico 
New Communist Party of the Netherlands 
Palestinian Communist Party 
Peruan Communist Party 
Communis Party of Poland 
Portuguese Communist Party 
Communist Party of the Russian Federation 
Communist Workers Party of Russia - Revolution Party of communists 
Syrian Communist Party (Unified) 
Communist Party of Spain 
Communist Party of Peoples of Spain 
South African Communist Party 
Communist Party of Ukraine 
Communist Party of USA
Also this Statement Supporting the
Party of communists of Transdnestria