In these days Bahrain is experiencing a hard and difficult times concluded by the issuing of a royal decree by the King of Bahrain on March 15, 2011; which requires imposing martial law; and instructing the General Chief of staff of Bahrain Defense Force to take control of the country for a period of three months, in order to ensure peace and security, and as a result of this action four people were killed and tens were injured until the issuing of this statement.

This decision comes after one month from a wide campaign of peaceful protests launched by Bahraini young people on February 14, 2011, in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Plebiscite on the National Action Charter, where these people demand the king to introduce reforms that he promised, which are constituted in transforming Bahrain into a constitutional monarchy similar to established constitutional monarchies. Unfortunately these demands were confronted with repression by the Authority which resulted in the killing of 8 people before this day, and tens of injured people; therefore, our people demanded firmly the immediate resignation of the government, the dissolve of the National Council, and electing a constituent assembly to make a new constitution which represents public will.

The Democratic Progressive Tribune manifests that these demands were confronted with procrastination by the ruling body in a bid to absorb public anger, by making a loose invitation for a national dialogue which does not ensure the achievement of the minimum demands of the opposition. This was accompanied by a fierce campaign conducted by the local media wrongly accusing the Bahraini opposition of being behind these riots, enabling this scenario penetrate into the souls of many of our people through spreading biased rumors through various means of communication about alleged sectarian killings in this town or that village.

This fierce campaign has prepared the atmosphere for a civil war, paving the way for the ruling body to seek the assistance of “Aljazeera Shield” the Gulf Defense Joint Forces, which stood helplessly when the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1991; and instead the Gulf countries have opened up their boarders for the American occupation to spread its military bases in the region; now these Gulf forces invading Bahrain in their armored vehicles in order to repress the uprising of armless people, after one day of the visit of the American Secretary of Defense Mr. Robert Gates through which he met some officials and concluded his visit by giving the green light to oppress the public uprising.

The Democratic Progressive Tribune – Bahrain appeals to Arab left parties, and all international community organizations to stand by the people of Bahrain against what they are subjected to of killing in front of Arab mass media blackout which is controlled in a significant part of it by political money which belong to the Gulf rulers.
The Democratic Progressive Tribune also appeals urgently to its comrades and friends in progressive and the left parties Arab and International, to express their protests against what their brothers are subjected to.

As the Democratic Progressive Tribune put this appeal urgently to you, it calls upon you to contribute to reaching Bahraini people voice to Arab and International free mass media and transmit what they are subjected to, of killing committed by the forces of the dictators regimes in the Gulf who are lying down on their peoples chests in front of an international community total silence.