Iraqi CP: NO to military intervention in Bahrain! Let the people address their own affairs and determine their own future!

The state of Bahrain was subjected, under the cover of darkness last night, to a military invasion by forces from Saudi Arabia. A Saudi official spokesman has justified this blatant military intervention by claiming that its aim is to protect government installations in Bahrain, adding that the Saudi intervention force is part of the forces of the Gulf Cooperation Council which "will guard these facilities".
The invasion has come in the aftermath of an intensive campaign of violence waged by the Bahrain government forces and gangs of "thugs" armed with swords and other weapons, yesterday (Sunday 13th March), against the mass protest movement taking place in the country, in order to suppress this movement, and also to pave the way - as it turned out - for the flow of the aggressive forces deep inside Bahrain.
In an initial reaction to the Saudi – Gulf invasion, the Bahraini opposition forces announced this morning their strong condemnation of it, and considered it a declaration of war and occupation. They called on the UN Security Council to protect the civilians in the country from "external military intervention."
It is clear that this intervention is illegitimate and cannot be justified in any way.  The protests and peaceful demonstrations that have been taking place for weeks in Bahrain, and the interactions between the opposition forces and the ruling authority, is an internal matter for Bahrain and its people and government alone, and no external side should interfere.  
It is also clear from this dangerous interference that it reflects the attempts by the governments of Saudi Arabia and other regimes in the Gulf to suppress the escalating mass movement in Bahrain for freedom, democracy and social justice, in order to kill it off before its flames spread to their countries and ignite the growing popular discontent there as well. It is an aggressive intervention that violates the rights of a people and the sovereignty of a state, and constitutes a flagrant violation of international charters and norms.
While declaring our strong condemnation of the Saudi and Gulf military intervention in Bahrain, we emphasize our firm solidarity with the fraternal people of Bahrain in their rejection and response to this intervention, and with their struggle for democracy and human rights. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the invading forces, a halt to interference, in all its forms, in the internal affairs of Bahrain, and to let the people of this country address their affairs and decide their own future and destiny. 
The Political Bureau
Iraqi Communist Party 
14 March 2011