Representatives of Communist & Workers’ Parties from 16 countries met in the French national assembly on Monday evening (February 14th) to launch the new book, “Organised for Now and Tomorrow - the International Crisis and Alternatives from the Left.”

A collection of 26 articles from around the world analyse the impact of the capitalist crisis and propose alternatives to it. Many originated in a seminar hosted by the Workers' Party of Brazil and one of its partners in that country’s governing coalition, the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB).

Communist Party International Secretary John Foster has contributed a chapter to the book, “The Financial Crisis in Britain.”

Monday's launch was hosted by the Republican Democratic Left group in the national assembly, which unites deputies from the French Communist Party, Party of the Left and the Greens. Members of Communist & Left parties from Britain, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Mauritania, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and China joined representatives from the Cuban, Chinese, Brazilian, Venezuelan and Sri Lankan embassies in Paris at the event.

At the launch meeting, Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths, declared that “in Britain, wider sections of the working class and middle strata are beginning to appreciate the scale of this capitalist crisis as it destroys jobs, living standards, public services and vital aspects of community life.”

“The crisis is being used as the pretext for rolling back many of the social gains achieved by the labour movement since 1945.”

“But the movement is, at last, responding. local campaigns against austerity cuts are springing up in many towns and cities, and in the countryside too.”

“The Communist Party is calling for a one day general strike across the public sector, with other workers taking action in solidarity - in defiance of Britain's harsh anti-trade union laws if necessary.”

“Our aim is for the labour movement and its allies to bring down this illegitimate government in Britain, which has no democratic mandate from the people - neither for its policies nor its very existence.”

The English language edition will be published at the end of March and will be available to order on our online shop.