The Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party of Tunisia sets out policies for radical change.

Orientation of the Revolution of the People and the Youth of Tunisia


The Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party of Tunisia sets the following orientations for the current phase of the Revolution of the People and Youth:


1)      The Party supports the struggle to dismiss the government of Ghanouchi, the former Prime Minister of Ben Ali, and to prohibit the RCD party;


2)      The Party mobilizes all its capacities so that the Revolution goes as far as possible towards elimination of the after-effects of the Ben Ali-Trabelsi system on the road to a Democratic and Social Republic which will guarantee the gains of the people of Tunisia and the conquests of the Revolution still to come;


3)      The Party calls to action the “Front of January 14”, composed of 8 progressive and left formations, to impel the struggle, to widen it and to organize it;


4)      The Party rejects at the same time the Ghanouchi government and the political manoeuvres, such as the possible recall of former ministers of Bourguiba to head the government;


5)      The Party proposes to start consultations to appoint an independent Prime Minister; this Prime Minister could be appointed by the following organizations: Tunisian General Union of Labour (the historical trade-union centre), the Tunisian League of Human Rights, the Order of Lawyers of Tunisia, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, the Magistrates’ Association, and the Journalists’ Trade Union;


6)      This Prime Minister would form a transitional civil government of broad unity charged to deal with current businesses and to prepare the election of a constituent assembly;


7)      Parallel to the action of the transitional civil government, the Party calls for the most rapid possible constitution of three national commissions, respectively charged to shed light on the shootings with live rounds, to inquire into corruption and illegal enrichment, and to propose reforms to the political system at the constituent assembly;


8)      The Party acts and will continue to act so that the transitional civil government recognizes the  citizens committees which constituted themselves in the fight in many localities, who have played a great part in the fall of the Ben Ali-Trabelsi system, and who took various initiatives to the benefit of the Tunisian people (dismissal of prefects, of under-prefects, police chiefs of police forces, chairmen of companies…)



Tunis, on January 23, 2011


Khaled Falah, founder member of the committee of the Patriotic and Democratic Labour Party of Tunisia