Thousands of Israeli citizens, and dozens of political parties and civic movements, led by the Communist Party of Israel and Hadash, the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, marched through Tel Aviv, Saturday night, to protest the passage of repressive legislation through the Knesset, which would restrict freedom of expression. Photo courtesy Yudit Ilany

At the demonstration, which fought off an attack by right wing forces, Dr. Dov Hanin a member of the Knesset [Israeil parliament] said,

" We are participating in a march of thousands in Tel Aviv for democracy:"

"Tonight we proved that there is a democratic camp that is willing to join together to take action against racism and the deterioration of political life and an increase in persecution. Mass mobilization, many thousands of Jews and Arabs together for democracy have marched through the streets of Tel Aviv. Their message was heard loud and clear by  the Netanyahu government - Lieberman - Barak. We also sent an important message to those who might surrender a chance to save our society from collapse into an anti-democratic black hole. Today's democratic camp demonstration, included a wide variety of colours and a broad range of political party organizations, but we were united in by a common determination to continue the struggle for democracy in Israel. "




Tens of thousands marched  in Tel - Aviv on Saturday, 15 January 2011. This  was a tangible expression of unity very broad forces against Lieberman's policies, with the backing of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to scare the left-wing organizations and associations of human rights, to prevent criticism of the crimes of occupation and to prepare the way for a Fascist regime.

Israeli Communist Party emphasizes that the assault on human rights is the result of the occupation of Palestinian territories, that has continued for 44 years, of racism and oppression of the Arab national minority, as well as the privatization policy and service of capitalism. There is a dangerous attempt to divert the people's anger against the harsh reality of deepening poverty and increase social gaps Into racist channels. We have learned from the hard experience of the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin and we warn that incitement against Arabs and against the left may make right wing bullets kill again.

Under these conditions, the Hadash activists, Maki and its allies, call on all classes of democracy, to realize the gravity of the hour, and invest their best efforts to bring unity and struggle between all supporters of democracy - the liberal, left and center.

The march was proof that democracy loving forces and organisations can overcome political prejudices and fears, and are willing to focus on the main point: only joint action of Jewish and Arab Israeli society can save Israel from rampant McCarthyism, racism and fascist incitement.

The march of Jews and Arabs in Tel Aviv is a real blow to the machinations of the Netanyahu government and the fascist - Lieberman. The march is a message of encouragement, that in a democratic camp, ready to mobilize for action, it is possible to save Israeli society from collapse and for a policy of peace, equality and respect for human rights. This partnership must continue to develop and expand.