Britain's communists today joined thirty seven other workers' organisations from across Europe to sign up to a joint statement, stepping up the campaign against the Prague Declaration movement. This Movement gathers together the most grotesque and reactionary elements of post 1945 anti communism, holocaust denial and historical revisionism.

The Prague Declaration started as a wish list of die hard right wingers and fascists but the Movement is now gaining ground in the EU parliament. There it attempts assert a legal process, which outlaws the symbols of socialism, imposes a view in Europe's schools that "red equals brown" and that the Holocaust was only one of many, the others supposedly perpetrated by the Soviet Union. In addition it sees to squeeze reparations from Russia as the legal inheritor of the USSR. It condemns the Chinese government for "mass murder" and calls for the establishment of a Tribunal - along the lines and with the same status as that held at Nuremberg - to put on trial those defending the post war gains made in the People's Democracies after the defeat of fascism. These moves, which have caused widespread consternation are led by the Government of Lithuania which in May accepted the legal display of the Swastika as it represented a 'legitimate national symbol'.
Joint Statement of the Communist and Workers’ Parties of Europe
Anti-communism in Europe will not succeed!
The Communist and Workers’ Parties of Europe condemn the provocative and outrageous initiative of the Foreign ministers of Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic to demand that the European Union instigate the legal persecution of all those within the EU who do not accept the so-called reactionary campaigns of rewriting of History and criminalization of communists and communism.
This is a dangerous attempt to generalize the legal persecution and other related measures which are in force in several EU countries against all those who reject the slanders against the historical experiences of socialist construction and against all those who combat the attempts to erase the decisive contribution that the communists gave in struggle for social and labour rights and for democracy in Europe and reject the distortion of the history of the 2nd World War and the unacceptable equation of communism with fascism.
It is not by chance that this initiative is being carried out in a period when working class and popular struggles are strengthening. The expansion of the anti-worker assault goes hand in hand with the expansion of anti-communist measures. The communists are the target of these attacks because they are in the front line of the struggles not only so that the workers do not bear the burden of the capitalist crisis and also because they are the only ones who hold the real solution to capitalist barbarity. The dominant class, understanding full well the impasses of the capitalist system and its irreconcilable contradictions, intensifies its persecutions, threats and crimes. However whatever measures it takes it cannot prevent the inexorable laws of social development, and the necessity of the overthrow of capital’s power It cannot prevent the strengthening of the organization of the working class and the development of the mass struggle for socialism and communism.
We firmly declare that the anti-communist plans of the bourgeoisie will fail. The superiority of our ideology, the just cause of the working class can break even their harshest measures. We will continue in an even more determined and uncompromising manner in order to defeat the anti-people power of big capital. Anti-communist hysteria will not deceive the working class and popular forces which experience the problems of unemployment, the overturning of social, social-security and labour rights, and capitalist barbarity itself.
We appeal to all democratic, progressive and anti imperialist forces to join us in the struggle against anti-communism, a struggle which is directly connected to the fight for labour and popular rights as well as for social justice, for a world without the exploitation of man by man.