John Foster, CP International Secretary today welcomed the publicly released letter of the British Ambassador to Lithuania, along with seven other European ambassadors, protesting anti-semitism and the "double genocide" movement. At the same time 38 Communist and Workers' Parties issued a statement opposing the machinations of the Prague Declaration movement.

He called on the Government to add its voice to the protests across Europe at the attempt to impose a historical revisionist position and the rehabilitation of fascism through the European Union. He But he warned that representing Britain's interests required that the Conservatives break their EU alliance with Baltic and East European extreme right wing forces.
Foster applauded the prompt action of communists in Ukraine, Greece and Cyprus in picketing embassies of those governments where foreign ministers had demanded that the EU prosecute politicians who insisted on supporting the action of the Allies in WW2.
The International Secretary stated that, "In Britain we fought what became know as 'The Peoples' War'. Our trades unions and communities organised for victory over fascism. So it is a cause of concern to the people of Britain that the EU is becoming a vehicle for the political rehabilitation of the defeated forces." He went on to warn, " It is an entirely legitimate issue for the TUC and the unions to discuss and take action over. Where the ConDem government refuses to stand up for the freedoms achieved and the massive social advances made across Europe and Asia, then the people must speak out."
These forces seeking to rehabilitate fascism, with their talk of "red-brown" and "equal genocides" have been slowly gaining ground in the OSCE and the EU parliament. In May 2010, the Russian Communists, alarmed at developments, gathered forty communist and workers' parties from around the world to oppose the forces of the Prague Declaration. Now 38 such organisations have signed a Statement. But says John Foster, "The victory of freedom and democracy in 1945 involved the whole of civilised society imposing itself on fascism. The current attempt to re write history; of historical revisionism, holocaust denial and anti communism, is therefore, a cause for concern to forces far beyond the ranks of the communists."