First Greece, then Ireland and Portugal next. The EU and IMF send in their contract killers to take out public services, jobs, pensions and social welfare. But, says Ireland's People's Movement Chair, Frank Keoghan, the "EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Mr Olli Rehn, is about as welcome in Ireland as a 19th-century British Lord Lieutenant”.

Mr Keoghan continued, “EU Commission „commissars‟ attached to the Department of Finance must have already approved the draconian four year onslaught on living standards that forms the core of current Government policies.” 


“Mr Rehn has sought to strengthen the resolve of official Ireland to this anti-people blitz. George Bernard Shaw once said that, ‟a government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.‟” 


“As people await the December budget like the condemned await their execution, Finance Minister Lenihan recently paid out €7.9 billion to foreign investors as senior bondholders of Anglo-Irish Bank without the merest suggestion that any of them should be asked to make any sacrifice. He thereby increased the sacrifice that will have to be made by generations of Irish people.” 


“This is completely in line with EU policy, whereas serious government action on unemployment, investment in public services, and other measures necessary to defend people‟s living standards would be considered a threat to the EU monetary union of which Mr Rehn is the current guardian.” 


The People‟s Movement believes that “like 19th-century tenants of a corrupt and sometimes absentee land system, Irish taxpayer money has been diverted to the foreign investors who had been only too happy to make money stoking the asset bubble on which the likes of Sean Fitzpatrick and his ilk were making fortunes for themselves. This is happening while basic social provisions and protections are being dismantled.” 


“The feudalism that Michael Davitt and the Land League set out to destroy in the 19th century has been replaced by a form of financial feudalism in which the interests of a section of the population takes precedence over those of the mass of the population.” 


“21st-century Ireland is a "bankocracy‟ or a state ruled by and in the interests of bankers. This is Mr. Rehn‟s constituency not the majority of the Irish people.” 





On the 15th of November, the day after the second round of the regional and municipal elections, the Greek Communists [KKE], which had a significant increase in votes, organised mass rallies in Athens Thessalonica, Patras and other cities throughout Greece.


The mass rallies were organised on the occasion of the visit of the “troika” representatives to Greece, who along with the social democrat government of PASOK plan new anti-people measures aside from those which have already been outlined in the memorandum and have already been agreed on and implemented.


In Athens the huge rally of the KKE was held at the central square of the city opposite the Parliament and in front of the Ministry of Finance. The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, comrade Aleka Papariga, delivered a speech and stressed amongst other things:


“They bombard the people using the revision of the deficit as a weapon in order to increase the plundering of the people. The troika did not come uninvited to Greece, it has been a choice of PASOK. The memorandum and the troika are nothing but the continuation and the consequence of the “EU one-way road”, of the policy that serves the interests of the capital, of the capitalist restructuring. If we want to get rid of the troika we have to get rid of the majority of PASOK and ND at the political level, to get rid of the power of monopolies”.


The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE called on the workers and the youth to strengthen the class oriented labour and trade union movement (PAME) and the other class-oriented antimonopoly mass organizations of the farmers (PASY), the self employed (PASEVE), the youth (MAS) and the women (OGE) not only in order to block the measures and achieve some gains but also in order to pave the way for the people’s economy and power.