This is a year of anniversaries. It is 65 years since the foundation conference of the World Federation of  Democratic Youth was first held at the Royal Albert Hall. Despite the tests of time young delegates from around the globe gathered to discuss and celebrate.

Delegates arrived on Friday 5th November, and were entertained with live music for the evening in a center run by Edon comrades domiciled in London.

On the Saturday morning delegates travelled to the Marx Memorial Library where Lenin, Connolly and a number of other high profile comrades worked. A seminar was held to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the World federation of Democratic Youth, and was address by delegates including George Waterhouse, the General Secretary of the Young Communist League (Britain) and Yogendra Shahi, the Vice-President of WFDY. This seminar was followed with a general discussion of the struggle against imperialism in the run up to the 17thWorld Festival of Youth and Students.

Following the Seminar and discussion, delegates received a lecture on historical revisionism from CP member, Phil Katz, who has recently written a book on the subject entitled Freedom from Tyranny - The Fight Against Fascism and the Falsification of History. Again a lively discussion followed, with delegates outlining the need to defend our history whilst moving forward. A celebration dinner was then held consisting of traditional English food and drink.

On Sunday delegates visited the grave of Karl Marx in Highgate Cemetery, London to mark the 93 anniversary of the Great October Revolution.  Delegates then travelled to the Royal Albert Hall, where WFDY was founded 65 years ago this month, and did a tour of the building. The tour was reactionary in nature and focussed on feudal and bourgeois history, and WFDY history was not mentioned. However, this highlighted to the delegates the importance of defending our history and the momentous steps forward which were made in 1945 following the defeat of fascism when young workers and students could enter the Royal Albert Hall to found a progressive, anti-imperialist international youth organisation.

Following the tour, delegates returned to the Marx Memorial Library, undertook bilateral meetings before leaving for some traditional fish and chips and a talk from a leading London trade unionist responsible for the current struggle in the transport industry in London.