The Communist Party of Britain condemns the attempted coup being carried out in Ecuador against the democratically-elected President, Rafael Correa.

Since 2006 President Correa's government has pursued consistent policies of shifting wealth and power towards the poor and under-privileged.  

On 30 Seotember police and sections of the armed forces attempted to take over key points in the capital and the airport. President Correa was injured in the clashes.  He has since stated that he was standing firm in the defence of the democratic order in Ecuador and there was no way he would capitulate, and that he could only lose his life.
The Foreign Affairs minister has called upon people to march to the hospital to protect the life of the President. Mass demonstrations are now taking place in the whole of Ecuador in support of the legitimate and democratically-elected government of President Correa. People are currently congregating around the Quito barracks hospital to protect the President.  
President Correa and his government have won every single democratic election since his election in 2006. The government has expanded democracy and implemented policies to redistribute income to the poor, benefiting millions of people hitherto socially excluded. The country has also had a new constitution overwhelmingly approved at a national referendum, which is deemed to be one of the greenest and most progressive constitutions in the world.  President Chavez of Venezuela has called for international expressions of support for President Correa and his government.   Those carrying forward the coup attempt appear to be working in concert with opposition political forces who represent the monied oligarchy.