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Yes to Peace! No to NATO!

Joint resolution of Communist & Workers' Parties against the war-mongering and militaristic goals of NATO, for building a future of peace, progress, social justice, self-determination and Socialism.

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Strong showing for left in French elections

front-de-gauche.1238407772The first round of France's regional elections took place on 14 March and saw a major reverse for Sarkozy's UMP which scored 27 per cent to the Socialists 29 per cent.  The Communist Party's Left Front also advanced strongly securing votes of between 6 and 13 per cent and maintaining the momentum of its advance on the 2009 Euro elections.

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Cubans hammer EU Parliament on human rights

IN the wake of a media campaign mounted by powerful corporations, fundamentally in Europe, which have ferociously attacked Cuba, and after a dirty debate, the European Parliament has just passed a resolution of condemnation against our country that manipulates sentiments, brandishes lies and conceals realities.

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