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MAY DAY: 'Make Capitalism History - The Future is Socialism'

May Day is the day to galvanise the working class and progressive movements for the huge battles to come after May 6 - to defend our public services, support workers fighting for pay, conditions and trade union rights, withdraw British troops from Afghanistan and to cancel plans for a new generation of British nuclear weapons.

It is also the day to renew our solidarity with workers and oppressed peoples in every land, and to demand sanctions against Israel until real progress is made towards justice and peace in Palestine. Free Marwan Barghouti and all Palestinian political prisoners!

Yes to Peace! No to NATO!

Joint resolution of Communist & Workers' Parties against the war-mongering and militaristic goals of NATO, for building a future of peace, progress, social justice, self-determination and Socialism.

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Strong showing for left in French elections

front-de-gauche.1238407772The first round of France's regional elections took place on 14 March and saw a major reverse for Sarkozy's UMP which scored 27 per cent to the Socialists 29 per cent.  The Communist Party's Left Front also advanced strongly securing votes of between 6 and 13 per cent and maintaining the momentum of its advance on the 2009 Euro elections.

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