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EUROPE: Britain's communists join opposition to the re writers of history

Britain's communists today joined thirty seven other workers' organisations from across Europe to sign up to a joint statement, stepping up the campaign against the Prague Declaration movement. This Movement gathers together the most grotesque and reactionary elements of post 1945 anti communism, holocaust denial and historical revisionism.

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BRITAIN's AMBASSADOR TO LITHUANIA: Publicly warns against "Double Genocide"

John Foster, CP International Secretary today welcomed the publicly released letter of the British Ambassador to Lithuania, along with seven other European ambassadors, protesting anti-semitism and the "double genocide" movement. At the same time 38 Communist and Workers' Parties issued a statement opposing the machinations of the Prague Declaration movement.

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IRELAND AND GREECE: Pickets and marches target EU and IMF 'Bankocrats'

First Greece, then Ireland and Portugal next. The EU and IMF send in their contract killers to take out public services, jobs, pensions and social welfare. But, says Ireland's People's Movement Chair, Frank Keoghan, the "EU Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, Mr Olli Rehn, is about as welcome in Ireland as a 19th-century British Lord Lieutenant”.

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