The shooting down of a Malaysian Airline passenger jet over Ukraine territory by unknown forces has intensified the crisis in the region which will no doubt be exploited by the regime in Kiev and its western allies, writes Brian Denny, coordinator of No2EU movement.

The western media narrative is clear — President Putin is orchestrating and arming separatists fighting the Kiev government.
What we have heard very little about is the butchery of trade unionists, communists and other civilians of all ages by Ukrainian military forces and Kiev-backed neonazi paramilitary groups in eastern Ukraine.
Entire regions in the east of the country are being ethnically cleansed by the far-right government, with thousands fleeing across the border into Russia, and these forces are now closing in on Donetsk. Hundreds of civilians have been killed since President Poroshenko launched his so-called “anti-terror operation” in the east.
The Kiev regime has also declared its intention to launch a military invasion of Crimea for refusing to recognise the coup government and declaring independence before merging with Russia.
This follows the massacre of over 40 anti-fascists at the hands of neonazi paramilitaries in the Ukrainian city of Odessa in May.
The anti-fascist victims in Odessa, described simply as “pro-Russian” in the Western media, had been protesting against the Western-backed coup and were killed when fascists attacked the trade union centre they were defending and set the building on fire.
Those who attempted to escape the flames were gunned down or beaten to death outside. Police did not intervene and fascist gangs prevented fire engines from reaching the scene. This was met with silence from the European Union and the US.
As part of its expansionist plans, the EU backed violent far-right protests in Kiev’s Maidan Square which began in November as well as the fascist February coup which overthrew Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych.
The neonazi paramilitary Right Sector organisation and the openly fascist Svoboda party acted as the vanguard of Maidan protests which went on to install the pro-western regime.
Western media outlets endlessly repeat claims that the Russian military is operating in eastern Ukraine with little evidence or proof. As a result of this narrative many believe that Russia has “invaded” Ukraine, which is not true.
In fact many rebels reproach President Vladimir Putin’s administration in Moscow, which is under threat from further Western sanctions, for giving them too little help.
Brussels and Washington are both openly supporting the increasingly vicious attacks on eastern Ukrainian cities ordered by elected Ukrainian billionaire President Petro Poroshenko.
The West has declared his election valid despite it taking place amid intimidation of opposition parties, including the violent expulsion from parliament of 32 MPs from Ukraine’s Communist Party (KPU). Fascist gangs have effectively outlawed the party and other opposition groups in areas under their control.
Kiev now plans to ban both the KPU and the Party of Regions, the former ruling party, and calls for the EU to impose sanctions on Crimean residents and others who opposes the government.
This coup government is an alliance of privatising, free-market conservatives, anti-semites and fascists. Svoboda holds five ministerial positions, including the key posts of deputy prime minister and the prosecutor general.
Despite this Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk recently addressed the EU Charlemagne Prize awards alongside EU leaders.
President Poroshenko has also announced plans to lead Kiev into a security alliance with the West and to sign the economic segment of the EU’s Association Agreement.
This agreement demands mass privatisation and the implementation of EU austerity measures which will hugely increase unemployment and cause dramatic price rises.
German monopoly capital is clearly preparing for economic expansion into Ukraine and for Nato expansion up to the Russian border.
However, if Kiev can take control over the east with military means, new conflicts could arise as the interests of expanding German industry collide with those of Ukrainian oligarchs.
Ultimately the German-led EU’s geopolitical ambitions lie beyond Ukraine. It is clearly seeking to expand its interests up to the Russian border and new conflicts are likely to break out in regions such as Georgia as part of this increasingly dangerous imperialist game.