Gennady Zyuganov Chairman of the CP of the Russian Federation took part in a UNESCO round table in Paris "The First World War: culture and memory."

Translated by the KPRF Press Office

This event was organized as part of celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the USSR's entry into UNESCO. The forum was attended by delegations from 10 countries.

At the outset, Zyuganov thanked the participants of the Round Table for the fact that they have gathered in such an important time. Referring to the coup government in the Ukraine, he said, “Today, the world situation continues to deteriorate, and we have a hot head ‘President’Turchynov, ready to unleash a new war.

Zyuganov said that in 200 years history, capitalism had experienced 12 of its systemic crises, and the last two world wars. World War I ended in the collapse of four empires: Russian, German. Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman.

The world knows there are three ways out of the crisis: war, revolution and dictatorship. Humanity has seen the new economic policy of Roosevelt and the New World Order of Hitler. But the most impressive achievements were demonstrated during the era of socialism, opened by the Great October Revolution. It was a course in the name of justice, friendship among peoples, democracy and respect for human labour. In the Soviet Union the most privileged class were children, women and the elderly. And our way out of the crisis was the most rapid, efficient and effective.

The CP leader said that this year commemorates 100 years since the start of the First World War, and next year we will celebrate 70 years since the Victory in the Second World War. After its conclusion in 1945, UNESCO was established. Its purpose - to promote peace and security by enhancing cooperation of states and nations in the fields of education, science and culture; ensure justice and the rule of law, universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

The USSR joined UNESCO in 1954, and in 1958 at the World Exhibition in Brussels were demonstrated outstanding achievements of our country in the field of science, culture and technology. There were exhibited models of Sputnik and the first nuclear power plant. The exhibition demonstrated the first self-propelled harvester, and the Soviet car "Volga" earned her the Grand Prix. Already in 1961, opened the space age, and the breakthrough into space carried a Soviet citizen, a Russian officer Communist Yuri Gagarin.

Zyuganov said that American experts arrived in the Soviet Union to study our experience. Their report concluded that the United States lost out to the Soviets primarily in the social and humanitarian sphere, and in education and culture. It prepared a special report "What Ivan knows and Johnny does not know." After this report allocation in the education sector have been increased in the United States 10 times.

The Communist Party leader thanked the French to whom the Soviets were allied in World War II. He called on the French people to struggle against Nazism and fascism, which again raises its head in Europe. "Apparently, the inoculation of two world wars is no longer valid today", he remarked bitterly.

Communist Party leader said that a few months ago he even could not imagine that in Kiev, the would be Nazis in power in the Turchynov government, including five representatives of the heirs to those who supported Hitler during WW2.

Zyuganov stated that attempts to punish Russia were futile. Instead, he urged joint efforts in all international arenas, including within the framework of the PACE and OSCE to curb the hydra of fascism and prevent another war.

He cited three main dangers that exist in the world today; “Social inequality, aggravation of interethnic relations and attempts to overturn the balance of forces that emerged after World War II.” He recalled the words of Nobel Prize winner in economics Schiller, who, speaking in the United States expressed concern about the fact that 1% of U.S. citizens owns a third of national wealth. "As for us in Russia, - said G. Zyuganov - 1% of citizens captured two-thirds of the national wealth. " Communist Party leader stressed that this situation is intolerable and must be overcome immediately.

GA Zyuganov said that UNESCO's role in today's fast-paced world is increasing every day. This organization has proven experience of cooperation in addressing the pressing issues facing humanity. At the end of Communist Party leader thanked the roundtable participants for joining forces in the fight against fascism and for peace and social justice.