This week, students at the principal universities in the Sudan took to the streets following popular demonstrations in major cities. Repression has been stepped up and the national security forces have kidnapped leading member of the Sudan CP comrade Salah Samareab after he left the Party headquarters.
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Despite the many attempts by lawyers,Salahs family,and human rights organisations to locate the place of his dentention the official answer is a big no.
Comrade Salah,who is in his fifties is a leading member of the Party.He is diabatic,and needs daily medicine.His whereabouts are unkown and the security forces are refusing to cooperate. Under such conditions the Secretariat of the Sudanese Communist Party can only assume the regime is intending to endanger Salahs life. According to last statements issuesed by the Sudanese human rights organisation over one thousands are detained in different locations in the capital.A similar number of activists are detained in Atbara,Portsudan,Kasala,Madni,Kosti,Alobied and other towns around the country.The regime is intensifying its repressive actions to to quel the growing movement demanding its end.The detainees are subjected to inhumane treatment,including beating ,electrical shocks and threats of rape.
We appeal to you to urgently take all necessary actions to stop  torture of the detainees,to demand their immediate release, including  comrade Salah.
Secretariat of the CC of the Sudanese Communist Party