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JOHN HAYLETT IN THE STAR: Moving in the right direction?

Recent global media attention has concentrated, rightly, on the valiant efforts of Egypt's people to free themselves from the Mubarak dictatorship. However events at the other tip of the African continent also merit study following South African President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation address on Thursday evening writes John Haylett in the Morning Star.

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You have seen Michael Palin in the Sahara series, now find out what Ronnie Kasrils discovered when he visited the Western Sahara, scene of decades of struggle for freedom of the Saharan people led by Polisario. Ronnie, who was a commander in the armed wing of the African National Congress [MK] and a minister in the South African government, sent this frontline report to the CP website. You can view a photographic record of his tour.

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