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KENNY COYLE ON GREECE: 17 June election - Greek communists face up to pressure

Greece heads for yet another round of elections on June 17 after the inconclusive May 6 poll and the inability of any of the three main parties - the conservative New Democracy (ND), the euro-leftist Syriza and social-democratic Pasok - to form a coalition. Veteran commentator Kenny Coyle provides new insight in the Morning Star. Read the views of the Greek communists here.

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GREECE: The communists stand firm for the people and for principles

Many have asked us to explain what is happening in Greece. There can be no better way of providing our web visitors with information than to turn to the Greek Communists who have stood by principle and refused to allow themselves or workers' and agricultural worker organisations to be ensnared in any plans to prettify and put a 'left' face on the manouevres of the EU and the Greek capitalists.

Read on for the statement on: an assessment of the elections; what happened to the workers' vote and an analysis of the 'attempt' to form a 'left government'.

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IRAN: No to war, no to intervention

One thing we can be sure of is that the intensifying war propaganda against Iran in Europe and the US has nothing to do with creating democracy, protecting human rights or supporting the interests of the people of Iran writes Lyz Payne.

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