CP Brief: Syria

Want to read about the background to the Syrian civil war? Read the November 2014 briefing from CP International Department

CP Brief: Ukraine

Analysis and briefing on UKRAINE from CP International Dept.

Analysis & Briefings

Egyptian Communists Speak

For an insight in to the recent events in Egypt, where else would one turn other than to the Morning Star. Read this fascinating account of a new phase of the revolution as told by one its main protagonists,  Salah Adli, General Secretary of the Egyptian Communist Party, to Navid Shomali in the Iranian newspaper "Nameh Mardom".

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On June 6-7, a seminar was held in Brussels on 'China in the 21st Century'. It was organised by the European United Left - Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL) group of MEPs, the China Centre for Overseas Social and Philosophical Theories (CCOSPT), the Gabriel Péri Foundation (France), OSPAAAL (Spain), and International Correspondence.

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AFRICA BRIEFING: CP briefing note on Mali

Mali is a large landlocked country in West Africa with a population of almost 15 million. In recent weeks it has become a focal point for what the Morning Star has called, 'a new scramble for Africa'.

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