CP Brief: Syria

Want to read about the background to the Syrian civil war? Read the November 2014 briefing from CP International Department

CP Brief: Ukraine

Analysis and briefing on UKRAINE from CP International Dept.

Analysis & Briefings

MORNING STAR - more, not less democracy, is the way to fight Islamists

How to fight a cult, which glorifies death over life and implements its beliefs in the killing of innocents? This Morning Star editorial, takes the challenge head on. It shows that the British government, which did so much to promote such cults when they fought communism, is the least suited to lead the fightback.

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GREEK COMMUNISTS - on the pivotal 5 July referendum

The Greek communist party explains the dire position that Greece has been placed in by the tyranny of the so called Troika. Solidarity protests in support of the Greeks, began yesterday in Paris, followed by a meeting in London tonight.

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SEVENTY YEARS ON: Lessons of Auschwitz haunts Europe

Ukrainian fascists threaten the peace of Europe, the Polish government blocks the liberators of Auschwitz from attending the commemorative ceremony,  and anti semitic attacks are on the rise in Britain. Mary Davis, professor of labour studies at London Metropolitan University assesses the importance and relevance of the Holocaust.

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GREECE ELECTIONS: Communist Party statement from Dimitris Koutsoumpas

Syriza wins largest vote. Communist vote strengthened. Fascists maintain their vote and the old guard of sell-outs - New Democracy and 'Socialist' PASOK - and those who kowtowed to the EU and IMF are put on the back foot. Read here an analysis from the general secretary of the Greek CP.

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