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CP Brief: Syria

Want to read about the background to the Syrian civil war? Read the November 2014 briefing from CP International Department

TTIP explained

CP international committee briefing on the TTIP threat to our sovereignty.

CHINA: The Dragon's Gift to Africa

china-africa-summitBen Chacko investigates Imperialism's rhetoric over China's overseas investment policy and explains why China's role in Africa serves as an antidote to the neo-colonialist approach of the US, Britain and the EU in the Morning Star

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Chacko on China: learning about China in Taunton

Advance_to_sialism_using_Chinese_characteristicsBen Chacko is the former editor of the YCL's magazine Challenge and lives and works in China. He recently gave a report back to the CP in Taunton, Somerset and tackles head-on the questions many have about how Chinese socialism is developing. Poster reproduced courtesy of IISG.nl

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