Sunday April 19th: Global Solidarity with Venezuela

Venezulan CP on May Day MarchSimultaneous pickets of the US embassy in London and the US consolate in Edinburgh will be held at 11am this Sunday as part of the global day of solidarity for Venezuela this Sunday. This day of solidarity was called in response to the signing of the executive order signed by President Obama which declared Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States."

Read in for the response and appeal from our sister party the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) to the signing of the executive order:

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SEVENTY YEARS ON: Lessons of Auschwitz haunts Europe

Ukrainian fascists threaten the peace of Europe, the Polish government blocks the liberators of Auschwitz from attending the commemorative ceremony,  and anti semitic attacks are on the rise in Britain. Mary Davis, professor of labour studies at London Metropolitan University assesses the importance and relevance of the Holocaust.

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