General Secretary Robert Griffiths delivered the Political Report to the first meeting of the Communist Party's new executive committee on January 21:

There is an ancient and well-worn Chinese saying: 'May you live in interesting times'. What is not so well-known – at least outside China – is that this is meant as a curse, not a blessing.

After the inauguration of Donald Trump as US President, we can be sure that we live not only in interesting times, but in dangerous times as well.

He has taken office on a minority vote, but having won substantial support among sections of the working class with promises of private and public sector investment, more jobs and higher wages.

George Osborne’s Budget tells us nothing new about the Chancellor or the government. It represents if anything an acceleration of the Conservative programme to transfer wealth from working people to the rich and to abolish or marketise the public sector.

Read here the full political reprot presented for discussion at the first meeting of the party executive in 2016.

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JEREMY CORBYN’S victory in the Labour Party leadership ballot should be a cause for celebration for all workers.