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State Monopoly Capitalism

Reflections on Cultural Identity and Revolution: Remembering Fanon, Using Fanon

  by Kevin Donnely

“[Brecht] would have been delighted, I like to think, at an argument, not for his greatness, or his canonicity, nor even for some new and unexpected value of posterity … as rather for his usefulness”.i


I can still remember clearly the first time I encountered Frantz Fanon, and it was not the happiest of experiences. It was around 1997 and I was in my first year at university as a mature student on a youth and community studies course. As part of this, my tutor set an essay in which we were to demonstrate how radical, non-formal, education had been influenced by a number of key thinkers – we were to choose one from a list and one of the choices was Fanon.

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by Martin Levy

15 January 2017

Writing just a few days before Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president, I recall the following quotation from Antonio Gramsci:

“If the ruling class has lost its consensus, that is, if it no longer ‘leads’ but only ‘rules’ – it possesses sheer coercive power – this actually means that the great masses have become detached from traditional ideologies, they no longer believe what they previously used to believe, etc. The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum morbid phenomena of the most varied kind come to pass.”i

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