September 10th saw comrades from Communist Party Branches, Districts and Nations filling Marx House - home to the Marx Memorial Library and Worker's School. They were there to take part in the Party's Secretaries' & Cadres' meeting - this year focused on Communist Education and the process of Communist Renewal. The report from the meeting and preparation for Congress can be read in the latest edition.

View here the executive committee resolution, which will shape the discussion and debate at the forthcoming 54th Congress of the CP - November 18-20 2016. For news about the Congress as party organisations discuss policy and submit motions to Congress, go to CP Facebook page and 'Like'.

The CP has established a Communist Renewal team, working with branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The team has published the second edition of its bulletin focused on the People's Assembly and the campaign to withdraw from the EU.

Robert Griffith’s oration at Highgate Cemetery later today (Sunday) at the commemoration, organised by the Marx Memorial Library, of the death of Karl Marx.

Go here to view Communist Renewal Issue One. The CP has established a new team to help support recruitment and local party building initiatives.