Marc_Livingstone_2010_picCommunist Party candidate Marc Livingstone is to contest the seat of Glasgow North West in the forthcoming general election.

Marc works as an office assistant in Glasgow, and is a member of UNISON. He was until recently the Scottish organiser of the Young Communist League and is active in SCND and Cuba Solidarity Campaign, having visited Cuba as part of a work brigade a few years ago, and witnessed the achievements of the revolution. He also plays a key role in public work for the party, selling the Morning Star on the streets of Glasgow. In his spare time, he performs as part of a Hip Hop group called the Stupid Idiots. He also has an honours degree in History from the University of Glasgow.

  • Literary works cannot be taken over like factories, or literary forms of expression like industrial methods. Realist writing, of which history offers many widely varying examples, is likewise conditioned by the question of how, when and for what class it is made use of.
    Bertholt Brecht Playwright and Poet (1898-1956)
  • Capitalism increasingly produces ‘culture’ as it does other commodities regardless of social need or the social good. 'Popular culture’ is thereby turned into a commercial, conservative force that promotes ideas of selfishness, greed and individualism. Read More
    Britain's Road to Socialism Programme of the CP, 8th Edition
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