You can join the Communist Party online here.

The CP membership form can be downloaded and printed off. When completed, post to CP Central Office, Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, London CR01BD. When it is received, your contact details will be supplied to the relevant local branch, district or nation secretary. We won't claim on your direct debit until you've been admitted to membership.

If you have any queries about joining check out our FAQ section.

  • The individual will reach full realization as a human creature, once the chains of alienation are broken. This will be translated concretely into the reconquering of one's true nature through liberated labor, and the expression of one's own human condition through culture and art
    Che Guevara Socialism and Man in Cuba
  • The efforts of toil have given the human hand the high degree of perfection required to conjure into being the pictures of a Raphael, the statues of a Thorwaldsen, the music of a Paganini
    Freidrich Engels The Dialectics of Nature
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