'Parliament goes into recess and MPs begin a long holiday, while workers and their families slip deeper into recession', Kevin Halpin declared at the Communist Party's political committee meeting on Wednesday evening (July 22).

'Our pampered parliamentarians wouldn't be swanning off so quickly if banks were collapsing like factories and service centres are', he claimed.

Warning that almost a million unemployed people were under the age of 24, the veteran trade unionist attacked proposals to extend the compulsory working age.

'The state pension fund is £30 billion in surplus - enough to give everyone an index-linked pension at 65', Mr Halpin pointed out. He also condemned wage cuts which 'would further reduce economic demand and destroy yet more jobs'.
Urging full support for workers fighting to defend jobs, wages and pension rights, Mr Halpin called for public ownership of steel, aircraft and motor vehicles plants threatened with mass redundancy and closure.

'Investment in Green technology is the key to rebuilding our industrial base - yet the only wind turbine producers in Britain are trying to shut down plant and sack their skilled worforce', he pointed out.

Britain's Communists called for solidarity with the Vesta workers occupying their factory in Newport, Isle of Wight, where 625 employees face redundancy there and in Southampton.

The CPB poli tical committee also proposed that the TUC organise a national march for jobs, with the intention of mobilising some of Britain's three million unemployed workers.