'Workers taking action at Britain's power stations are fighting for jobs, decent terms and conditions and trade unionism', Carolyn Jones has declared today on behalf of the Communist Party of Britain.

   'Objectively, the strikers are opposing the EU "free market" in labour which, in reality, is dominated by transnational corporations that move workers across the map to undercut pay and conditions and maximise profits', Ms Jones tells members in the party's monthly Political Letter.
   Pointing to European Court of Justice rulings undermining national pay and conditions agreements and the record of company law-breaking, victimisation and corruption in the British construction industry, she applauds workers for 'rising up against the whole rotten set-up'.
   She also points to the advantages of taking unofficial action where the basis exists, circumventing anti-union laws to frustrate ballots, delay action and sequestrate trade unions.


   'That's the answer to ruthless employers and their laws. And just as workers can overcome anti-union laws through action and solidarity, so we should demand that—in line with public opinion—employers and government refuse to implement unjust EU laws', the Political Letter argues, 'After all, they can when it comes to bailing out the banks'.
   But Ms Jones, who convenes the Communist Party's trade union co-ordinating committee, also warned ag ainst attempts by the BNP and other fascist groups to infiltrate the dispute.
   'They and their bogus "trade union" front are no friends of workers, employed or unemployed, in Britain or anywhere else', she points out.