HS_4The CP Political Committee recently met amidst a new and dramatic escalation in the crisis of capitalism and the attacks on working people in Britain, Spain and Greece.

'Monopoly capital is being allowed to run rampant through British industry, our public services and across the world's financial markets, with the support of Brown, Mandelson and the New Labour government', Steve Johnson told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday (February 10).

Britain's Communists also condemned the announcement of up to 2,000 redundancies by Tory LibDem-run Birmingham City Council, as 'part of the price being demanded by City speculators for not sabotaging Britain's credit rating and currency'.

The CPB political committee declared its solidarity with Greek and Spanish Communists leading the fight against austerity measures proposed by their Socialist-run governments under diktat from the EU Commission. It urged Communist Party branches to step up a 'month of action' in defence of public sector services, jobs, wages and pensions.

'Campaigning for the People's Charter is vital in order to show that there is an alternative to the ruling class agenda, based on public ownership, investment, job creation and controls on monopoly capital', London district secretary Mr Johnson added.

The meeting reiterated the Communist Party's call for a Labour victory over the Tories at the General Election, but also announced support for left candidates John Metcalfe in Carlisle, Salma Yaqoob in Birmingham Hall Green and Dave Nellist in Coventry North East.

The Communist Party of Britain will itself be contesting at least seven seats in the election, now almost certain to be held in May.