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AV REFERENDUM: CP set the record straight

Scare mongering and communist baiting by the supporters of AV will fool no one. Indeed, writes general secretary Robert Griffiths to newspaper editors, our position on electoral reform, first defined in 1944 is more consistent than the record of other political forces.

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Celebrate Cable Street Victory

The Communist Party will be hosting a march and rally to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 'battle of Cable Street' on Sunday, October 2. Trade union, local community and anti-racist, anti-fascist groups will be invited to join an organising committee to plan the event, in liaison with a local progamme of activities already being arranged.

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Class War - 'Labour Movement Must Respond'

'This government is waging class warfare on workers and their families across Britain - the question is "how should the labour movement respond"', Robert Griffiths told the Communist Party's political committee on Wednesday (April 6).

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